Travis West

Bitcoiner, combat veteran, investigator.

Alleged operator of nodes.




LinkedIn: travis-west-010309

Nostr: npub18hqtw4vjsg6s0a0kyhugn5mt5fs8fp64pd8nsv66vqld5qg090pqe75kus

Signal: traviswest.21

Telegram: @traviswest

GitHub: SerWest


I promote Bitcoin, liberty, and private property rights. Interested in coordinating? Send me an email!

Training and educating others is something I enjoy; I'm good at communicating complex ideas/processes to the technical and non-technical, with humor sprinkled in.

I will happily talk Bitcoin, cybercrime, and crypoasset investigations with individuals or teams. I'm a former detective that specializated in cybercrime and cryptocurrency/virtual asset cases. I did nerdy things to catch (alleged) thieves, scammers, and/or violent offenders.

I have experience training others on cybercrime investigations, blockchain analysis, and online undercover operations.

My LinkedIn profile is updated with my experience and certifications. My Curriculum Vitae, a summary of qualifications, and a spreadsheet with the breakdown of my training hours is available upon request.

I have experience testifying about cybercrime, fraud, cryptocurrencies/virtual assets, interviewing, and interrogating.

Certification summary below:

Certified Cyber Crime Investigator (National White Collar Crime Center)
Certified Cyber Investigator (Carnegie Mellon University)
Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialist (CAMS)
Advanced Crypto Investigator (TRM-ACI)
Certified Investigator (TRM-CI)
Crypto Fundamentals Certification (TRM-CFC)
Digital Forensics and Cryptocurrency (TRM-DFC)
Crypto Compliance Specialist (TRM-CCS)
Certified Cryptocurrency Forensic Investigator (CCFI)
Certified Bitcoin Professional (CBP)
Advanced Police Officer Certification (OR, USA)
Child Forensic Interviewer (OCFIT)


Bitcoin Audible Episode 100 - Privacy is a Crime with Travis West "Today we dive into an amazing chat around the complexities and shifts in law enforcement in a world with Bitcoin, as well as breaking down the nuances and difficulties in both the defense and prosecution of the Samourai Wallet case. Travis, previously a detective who found his speciality in cybercrime and fraud, requiring extensive knowledge and interaction with Bitcoin and blockchain analytics, presents a unique insight into how things may develop moving forward and where we should be wary to defend our privacy and independence. Don't miss this incredible discussion!"
Samourai Wallet case A report I wrote about the implications of the Samourai Wallet case and how it is not good for privacy or code.

Bitcoin Resources

Bitcoin Guide A comprehensive guide and collection of resources on Bitcoin, covering technical topics for beginners or experts.
Bitcoin for Beginners (2023) A YouTube video by Matthew Kratter from Bitcoin University. This video is one of the better introductory videos on Bitcoin, short and not overly technical.
KYCNOT.ME A project that lists and rates exchanges to purchase bitcoin with no KYC. Also a great resource to learn about privacy-oriented services.
Peer-to-Peer Rights Fund A fund dedicated to the defense of non-custodial tools and their developers from regulatory overreach.
The Bitcoin Company A referral link to a Bitcoin company that lets you purchase a variety of gift cards with bitcoin, with discounts and rewards. Requires email.
Swan Bitcoin A referral link to a Bitcoin financial services company that will help you save in bitcoin, learn more about bitcoin, and much more. Requires KYC.
Strike A referral link to an app for your phone that lets you buy bitcoin, send USD to other users, and more. Requires KYC.
River A referral link to a Bitcoin financial services company that will let you buy bitcoin and/or mining machines. Requires KYC.

Bitcoin Tools

Android Wallets Blue Wallet, Samourai, Mutiny Wallet, AQUA Wallet
iOS Wallets Blue Wallet, Mutiny Wallet, AQUA Wallet
Desktop Wallets Bitcoin Core, Sparrow Wallet, Mutiny Wallet
Hardware Wallets ColdCard
Lightning Wallets Phoenix, Zeus, Mutiny Wallet, AQUA Wallet
Self Hosted Multisig Electrum, Sparrow Wallet
Hosted Multisig Swan, Casa, Unchained Capital
Block Explorers Mempool.Space

Nostr Tools

Android Clients Amethyst, Primal
iOS Clients Damus, Primal
Desktop Clients Snort, Primal

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